David Strom: The Best PR Skill: Follow Up

My spin: David Strom, CMP’s Tech Editor and a former tech consultant has tons of advise for PR folk. Read this and laminate it!
News Clip: I have two words of advice for anyone interested in getting into the public relations business: follow up. Let me explain, but first let’s put my week in the appropriate context.
I had a tough week, but I am not here to cry on your shoulder. First there were two editor’s days with EMC and HP in Boston and New York. Around those full-day meetings were about a dozen different visits when I was back in my Manhasset offices with various vendors in town for a trade show or just coming through on their press tours. Now, normally I don’t complain about these visits: I’ll pretty much see anyone that has something new and interesting to show me, with just two ground rules (First: once we confirm an appointment, you either use it or lose it — I don’t have time to juggle your scheduling changes. Second, don’t bring a huge deck of Powerpoints but talk to me and engage my interest.) (full story)