Dell to Offer AT&T Wireless Internet Access

My spin: Dell is quickly moving away from its core of selling PCs and servers. You can get hosting, tech services, software, peripherals and now…Cellular service from Dell. If this was some other company, I’d say it would hurt them (as Norm Brodsky, Inc Magazine columnist talked about in my interview) but Dell can do this and succeed. If they do not succeed in selling some other service or product they can just stop selling it. HOWEVER, Dell has to be very careful about keeping its brand intact. If customers hate cell phone companies, for example, would they also hate Dell if “Dell” sold them bad service?
News Clip: NEW YORK (Reuters) – Dell Computer Corp. (Nasdaq:DELL – news) said on Tuesday it will work with AT&T Wireless Services Inc. (NYSE:AWE – news) to offer Internet access through cellular networks.
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