Gateway First to Guarantee Consumer Tech Support Satisfaction With VIP Service Program

My spin: This is further proof of Gateway’s relentless determination to not just survive but thrive by exceeding customer expecations. HOWEVER, I wonder is it at all possible to offer wonderful customer service as part of the purchase price of a product?
News Clip: POWAY, Calif., June 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Gateway, Inc. (NYSE: GTW) today introduced an industry-leading customer service and support program: the Gateway Priority Access program, including the industry’s first money-back
guarantee on consumer PC support and repair commitments. When customers upgrade to the affordably priced Gateway Priority Access program ($99 for one year and $179 for 4 years), they can rest assured that a live, dedicated agent will pick up the phone within 30 seconds of receiving their call. After entering their priority access code, they will be connected directly with a highly trained Gateway Priority Access Agent who will remain on the line until their issue is addressed.
In addition to enhanced telephone support, Gateway delivers Rapid Response Repair services with the Gateway Priority Access program. Desktop PC replacement parts will be delivered by the next business day, whether customers call or come into a Gateway store.(1) For mobile users, a truck will pick up the notebook on the same day customers call Gateway and take it to the company’s service center for repair the following day.(2) And if the customer has purchased in-home service, the technician will be on-site the
next day to install the parts.(3)
This program is for consumers and not for business customers.