GoldMineÆ Plus Accounting for use with QuickBooksÆ Now Available

My spin: This what makes Intuit’s Quickbooks so powerful and why many larger software vendors are fighting to not just make their core products hot sellers but want developers to write applications to those products. Windows is so powerful a franchise because thousands of software titles have been written for it – across all genres. Quickbooks has this same power. Hundreds (I’m guessing) of independent software vendors have written applications for Quickbooks users. From something as simple as export / import scripts to full scale integration. However, it’s too bad that Quickbooks Pro Canada is not included in this integration.
FrontRange Solutions, today announced an update to the company’s popular GoldMine product family. A new release of GoldMine Plus Accounting for use with QuickBooks allows users to integrate their accounting data directly into GoldMine*, providing a single, unified record for all customer transactions.
GoldMine Plus Accounting for use with QuickBooks requires either GoldMine Business Contact Manager or GoldMine Business Contact Manager Corporate Edition 6.0 AND QuickBooks Pro 2002 or higher or QuickBooks Premier 2002 or higher. NOT compatible with QuickBooks Pro Canada.