News Factor: Does Netscape Deal Mean ‘Game over’ for Open-Source Browsers?

My spin: What is the big deal here? Maybe I’m an ignorant, techie, Microsoft user – but why are people so concerned about the browser wars. If someone wants to buy Opera – let them. If a developer wants to make another browser – so what? There’s several browsers on the market, including Mozilla and users are free to use what they want. Sure Microsoft dominates this space but does it matter. If you can get to a web site and see what you want to see – be happy.
Now I can mention ONE thing that may annoy some. Developers who create web pages must now confirm to Microsoft centric HTML., designed with Microsoft Frontpage comes out fine in IE but may look weird or not come up at all in some versions of Netscape’s browser.

News Clip: Is the Microsoft-AOL Time Warner browser settlement the beginning of the end for open-source and alternative browsers? Does it represent a threat to the open standards of the Internet? What about the fate of, the open-source group tightly connected with Netscape? All these questions are on the minds of alternative-browser industry insiders as the ramifications of Microsoft’s (Nasdaq: MSFT) settlement with AOL (NYSE: AOL) began to sink in. (full story)