NY Times: Cellphones Made Easy

My spin: Excellent piece about quirky things you hate about cell phones.
News Clip: IT’S too bad Dr. Seuss, a noted lover of silliness, didn’t live to see today’s cellphones. Their features are so far-fetched and nonsensical, they make Horton and the Whos look like subjects for “Biography.”
The reason is as plain as the bill on your desk: photos, movies, games and text eat up a lot more cellular minutes than talking alone does. The more you send, the more you spend.
But beware the backlash. For every consumer who wants to know which phone is the best camera or the best organizer, a few others surely want to know which phone is the best phone.
I challenged each cellular carrier to send me not its fanciest handsets, but its simplest: models designed for the iconoclasts who still think phones are for talking. (full story)