Tech Web: Microsoft, Linux Camps Gird For Desktop Battle

My spin: For large enterprises Linux might be an option and especially for vertical applications like customer service reps or etc. However, smaller businesses the Microsoft Windows platform on the desktop is still the best right. It’s a much more mature market; there’s more standard support; there’s a stable company developing the software…should I go on?
News Clip: Boston — The Linux (news – web sites) vs. Windows desktop is heating up on both the enterprise (news – web sites) and consumer fronts.
At the Enterprise Linux Forum last week in Santa Clara, Calif., SuSE demonstrated its first enterprise corporate desktop designed for large IT infrastructures. SuSE Linux Desktop costs $598 for a five-user license and comes with a five-year maintenance contract, said Holger Dyroff, general manager of Americas at SuSE. It offers a corporate GUI and a choice of running Sun Microsystems’ StarOffice 6.0 or Microsoft Office and starts shipping Monday. (full story)