USA Today: Help! I plugged the thingie into the thing, but it still doesn’t work

My spin: I’ve been tempted to get back into consulting – just because of this. But the temptation is gone :). I often have people ask me for help in their personal homes for tech help. Sure a digital camera is fun to use, but for the non-techies it can be a challenge to get the pictures on your PC and do anything useful with them. I have not even mentioned burning a CD, doing PC videography and etc. The market for support for businesses (especially small businesses) is growing too.
News Clip: When Stacie Ratliff won a digital camera last year, she couldn’t wait to snap photos, download them onto her personal computer and e-mail them to family and friends. But her elation soon turned to frustration when she discovered the camera’s software didn’t work with her computer’s Windows XP (news – web sites) operating system. (full story)