My spin: Microsoft will be introducing anti-virus technology into its future product lines. Here’s comment from Symantec on what this means for them (not too insightful but read between the lines…)
“Today’s cyber attacks, such as the recent BugBear viruses and other blended threats, demonstrate that antivirus solutions alone are not adequate enough protection and companies as well as individual users need to employ comprehensive, integrated security solutions supported by a 24×7 global response infrastructure. “
“In addition to developing new solutions, Microsoft will use the GeCAD engineering expertise and technology to enhance the Windows platform and extend support for third-party antivirus vendors so they can provide customers with increasingly secure and comprehensive levels of virus protection.”
[reading between the lines – more than just an anti-virus solution is necessesary for protection, so there’s still money left on the table for us]
“While we still need to understand the full implications for this announcement, we applaud Microsoft’s efforts to develop an operating system upon which antivirus vendors can build more effective protection. “
[reading between the lines – in principle we’re glad Microsoft’s supporting more security HOWEVER, we’re going to keep one eye open, knowing that most likely Microsoft will push even more into our space]
“Despite other security technologies that have been introduced as part of previous Microsoft operating systems, Symantec’s consumer and enterprise security solutions continue to be top sellers. In the past fiscal year, our consumer business grew 52 percent and our enterprise security business grew 30 percent. Many customers continue to look to independent security companies to provide comprehensive threat protection for Microsoft as well as other popular operating environments.”
[reading between the lines – our brand is best know for anti-virus solutions…Microsoft will have a long way to go to catch up with us]