Washington Post: AOL Subscriber Defections Continue, Top 1 Million

My spin: Of course. AOL is completely irrelevant and why PAY to have ads in your face when you get them for free from NetZero? AOL was needed man years ago to help users “get online” but now there’s so much out there – from Yahoo, to MSN, to any other web site you fancy to visit that AOL is not necessary any more and frankly is a memory resource hog and pain to use.
News Clip: America Online has lost more than 1 million dial-up customers since the dramatic decline in its subscriber base began late last year, sources familiar with the figures said yesterday.
The Dulles-based firm is rapidly losing customers to NetZero and other lower-priced bare-bones Internet services, as well as to higher-priced high-speed cable and telephone providers. (full story)