Culinary Software Services Announces QuickBooks Data Integration for ChefTec

My spin: This is what makes things so hard for Intuit’s competition. Intuit’s got such a huge installed based of customers that continuously other software products are made to work with it. You don’t see this with their competitor’s products so much. It’s the “Microsoft Affect”. Just about every program you buy, works with or integrates with MS Outlook. When did you see, “built in integration with Eudora?”
News Clip: BOULDER, Colo., July 8 /PRNewswire/ — Culinary Software Services has released an interface for QuickBooks accounting software to seamlessly transfer invoice information. QuickBooks is a leading business accounting program that easily facilitates transaction recording, posting to ledgers, writing checks, preparing invoices, performing reconciliation and preparing the company financial statements. QuickBooks is a widely used accounting program in the foodservice industry.(full story)