How to pick a cell phone plan for your business

My spin: Cell phones are almost a must. But wasting money on them is not. Get a cell phone but take steps to use it wisely and cost effectively.
Anchor Desk News Clip: A recent IDC study found that some European business executives regularly run up monthly cellular bills of $2,000 or more. You may wonder, as I did, how’s it possible to run up such monster bills?
Looking for an answer to that question (which I’ll get to in a second) led me to a long discussion with Keith Waryas, an IDC analyst who follows cellular carriers here in the U.S. Waryas told me that many U.S. cell phone users get bills that, if not in the double-kilobuck range, are nevertheless a big surprise. Get several of these at once–perhaps because a team of sales folks hit the road–and your small business’ cash flow could be endangered. (full story)