HyperMart will soon become an important part of The Endurance International Group

My spin: I’ve been hosting with Hypermart since 1999 and have had no problems, only praise with their hosting services. I hope this transition from Infosapce to Endurance will only lead to better and great things
Hypermart announcement: Endurance International is a leading provider of hosting and related online solutions for individuals and small businesses. As one of the few companies focused exclusively on shared hosting solutions, we have the experience, resources and commitment to deliver superior products, services and support to this important market.
During the next week or so, we will be migrating your Web site to a new hosting platform that offers a more robust control panel, additional services and enhanced stability. We will also be updating the HyperMart Web site and enhancing the services we provide through it.
While the platform offers many improvements, the cost of your hosting plan will not change. In fact, most changes will occur on the “back-end” and will improve the way you manage your Web site.
Please keep an eye out for the additional information we will be sending you over the next couple of weeks. We will use e-mail to keep you informed of any policy or service changes that could impact your account.
HyperMart will continue to operate as it has in the past, with its own Web site and hosting services. Our goal is to blend the best of the past with new and improved services, making it easier for you to manage and grow your Web site.
We will work hard to make the transition to the new platform as smooth as possible–still, we may need your assistance to make sure your site continues to function correctly once the platform migration is complete.