MSNBC taps start-up for ad technology

My spin: Contextual based advertising is VERY powerful. If you are on a web page and reading about socks, it’s not only neat but also relevant to see advertising about ‘socks’ to some degree. It’s great for the reader and excellent for the advertiser. Yahoo, now has Overture. Google has itself. Both make a good deal of money. Microsoft – the other big guy, is now going to do something.
Cnet News Clip:, Microsoft’s online news venture with NBC, has inked a deal with a little-known start-up to place keyword-related advertisements on article pages, a sign that the software giant may plan to rely less on commercial-search partner Overture Services.
The Redmond, Wash.-based company said Tuesday that it is joining forces with WebRelevance, an 11-month-old company from Seattle, on ads for the news site. The start-up has developed technology that analyzes the content of a Web page, down to a handful of terms, in order to deliver an ad related to those keywords. (full story)