The politics of open-source software

My spin: I’m glad that Cnet is putting (well actually ISC) a spot light on this. How many software decisions are based on well thought out IT concerns, and how much of it is based on poltics – pro-MS or anti-MS?
Cnet News Clip: Wendy, spokesman and policy counsel for the Initiative for Software Choice (ISC), says he just wants to make sure government agencies don’t unduly favor open-source or free programs over proprietary software.
“We want a process that is not based on automatic preferences,” Wendy said.
The ISC is by far the most vocal opponent of a growing trend: Legislation that, if enacted, would all but prohibit government agencies from purchasing proprietary software for their own use. The ISC asserts that such legislation could jeopardize the future of the worldwide commercial software industry. (full story)