is SPAM free thanks to Earthlink

I’ve been getting, tons and tons of spam over the past few weeks and I’ve been looking for a solution. I have had great service using the IMAP email services of Zorka which uses SpamAssassin as their spam filtering service. HOWEVER, of late I was getting so much MORE spam.
I have a duplicate account with Earthlink which uses Bright Mail. Earthlink offers to spam elmination options 1) “known” spam is put into a kown spam folder then 2) any email not in your address book is put into a “suspect spam folder” and the sender is sent an email message to confirm who they are. I do not like this method, but I now get no spam into my inbox. What I do have to do is regularly check my suspect box, add “good email” to my address book and the other email is trashed. Time consuming but the solution works.