TRITTON Launches Affordable, All-in-One Network Appliance for SMBs and SOHO Markets

My spin: Simplified networking appliances are all the rage. Emerge Core’s IT In A Box comes to mind when I read Tritton’s announcement.
News Clip: TRITTON Technologies, a leading provider of networking and high-end multimedia products, today announced the availability of the Tritton Advanced Server Appliance Product (ASAP), an all-in-one network appliance that integrates 120GB of NAS (network attached storage), VPN, firewall, router and four-port switch that sells for only $399 MSRP.
The TRITTON ASAP is designed for the SOHO and small business markets and is compatible with Microsoft, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh operation systems. ASAP is pre-configured for a quick and simple installation enabling users to instantly set up a fully functional server right out of the box. To ensure product longevity, the firmware is easily upgradeable via the Web for future product enhancements and capabilities.
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