Cnet: HP unwraps cheaper iPaq

My spin: Pocket PCs are fancy and really nice for those who like Outlook. Personally, I wish there was a choice to use Outlook as one’s PIM or a tool like the Palm Desktop. Using Outlook leaves one open for viruses, potential crashes and etc.
News Clip:Amid a slow market for handhelds and price pressure from rivals, Hewlett-Packard is launching a cheaper low-end version of its iPaq handheld.
The slim h1935 is similar to the $299 h1945 model introduced in June, although without that device’s built-in Bluetooth wireless capability. The new model, which will sell for $199 after a $50 rebate, has only half as much read-only memory (ROM) and comes with just a 90-day warranty, compared with the one-year warranty that comes with other iPaq models. (More information)