The Endurance Group – web host of THOUSANDS…screws up royally.

Over the past several days, you may have noticed (and I sure have) problems and changes on’s web site. Well the problems are the fault of my web host, Hypermart, who was purchased by “The Endurance Group International”. A company which was grown via acquisition of other web hosts, including,
They’ve had a lot of problems in migrating Hypermart customers to Endurance Group servers. Today, they moved us all back to old Hypermart servers so you’re seeing 13 August 2003 content. Later on today, things should be put back to normal…I hope.
I talked with a senior person at the Endurance Group, thanks to a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless at this time.)
I hope to have a LOT more on this story later on. My faith in Hypermart and this new company is shattered, HOWEVER, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that you’ll hear about later on regarding the two companies which I hope will restore that faith!