Gateway Digital Cameras?

I’m not sure if this strategy is going to work, but soon we’ll all know. However, Gateway is expanding (quickly) to sell much more than computers, but a range of technologies to consumers and businesses. When someone walks into a Gateway Store, or goes online to buy a Gateway PC they now might just walk out (or click away) Gateway hopes with a few hundred dollars worth of other things!
Gateway claims that the company’s first line of Gateway-branded digital cameras are priced up to 40 percent less than other 4- and 5- megapixel cameras.
The new offerings advance the company’s goal of launching 50 new Gateway-branded products in 15 categories this year and mark another milestone
toward Gateway’s evolution into a branded integrator — a marketer of digital
gear that works together. (this sounds like what HP is also doing and Dell is SLOWLY doing)
“Gateway’s rapidly expanding portfolio of competitively priced digital
electronics is starting to speed consumer adoption — Gateway is putting
cutting-edge technology in more people’s hands,” said Matt Milne, Gateway’s
vice president and general manager of digital solutions. “These digital
cameras reach a new pinnacle — they deliver incredible performance, image
quality and features at prices that will allow more people to embrace the
benefits of digital photography.”