Grocers’ Strategy: Be What Wal-Mart Is Not

My spin: This is NOT a tech piece but the article is great – common business sense. Read it and learn how to beat the competition in YOUR business!
News Clip: DALLAS ó Bill Breetz Jr., a towering longtime grocer who runs the Southwest for the Kroger Company, was on the march. Crossing a vast expanse of peaches, melons and the rest of the produce aisle in a recently remodeled Kroger supermarket here, he checked on a woman cooking stir-fry meals-to-go at a kitchen set up near the back of the store.
He had already inspected the floral section and glanced up at the outdoor furniture, which near the end of its prime selling season sits atop the aisles in the cavernous store near the Highland Park neighborhood. Next on his tour: the 2,500-bottle wine section, which has a full-time wine steward.
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