Internet Information Scam Uses Citi Logo

My spin: How to protect yourself. CAREFULLY read the links and email address. If the link points to citigroub or anyplace that’s not a Citigroup web site don’t give out any information. In fact, to be really sure email the KNOWN Citigroup (or other) email address.
Washington Post News Clip: NEW YORK ññ Citigroup Inc.’s corporate logo is the latest one to be lifted by Internet scammers as a way to steal information from unwitting consumers.
The scam, known as “phishing,” happens when thieves send consumers e-mails that appear to come from major corporations and direct them to bogus Web sites that look just like the company’s real sites. The fake sites typically ask individuals to verify or update certain account information with personal data ó in this case, Social Security numbers ó which they then can use to obtain phony credit cards and other items. (full story)