Intuit: E- Mail Adds to Corporate Workgroup Confusion

My spin: I’ve used Intuit’s Quickbase for several different things and it is a simple to use, feature rich tool for sharing project information. It’s easy to create databases enable workgroups, in the same room or on the same planet to share information via the Internet, using any web browswer.
News Clip: A recent nationwide survey, commissioned by the QuickBase division of Intuit Inc. (NASDAQ: INTU), of sales and project managers found that communications, status tracking and consolidating information from multiple sources are key challenges among corporate workgroups. Sixty percent of respondents named “getting and keeping everyone on the same page” as their top concern in managing group projects. Using an assortment of stand-alone desktop tools, such as e-mail and spreadsheets to communicate can make sharing and consolidating information among team members and customers difficult. Yet despite the inefficiency of these tools and the availability of specialized software and Web-based solutions, more than 60 percent of sales and project managers continue to rely on spreadsheets, and more than 50 percent still manage their projects through e-mail
The ability to have “anytime, anywhere” access to information was the top requirement for software applications for 78 percent of sales managers and 54 percent of project managers, making files and information kept on a single desktop or corporate server a ineffective way to track, update and consolidate information on group projects. Over 60 percent of both sales and project managers also cited ease of use as a critical feature, with more than 50 percent also pointing to cost-effectiveness as an important attribute. Large companies expected to spend upwards of $8,500 per year on a sales or project management application, and more than a third of the total respondents (34 percent) to devote more than 10 hours a week to maintain their solution. That’s at least 40 hours a month that teams are spending just on maintaining their project or sales management applications. Small and medium companies had similar maintenance expectations, but looked to spend from $1,000 to $3,000 dollars less on management tools.
. “Before QuickBase, our sales, service and back-office teams sent emails, printed spreadsheets, faxed, telephoned and shuffled papers trying to keep on the same page,” said Peter Kontzamanys, General Manager, Ramp Chevrolet. “Now, in one place, QuickBase provides a range of applications that fit the specific needs of each team. Teams have the most recent information at their fingertips, so we can all focus on delivering the outstanding customer service that made us Long Island’s #1 Chevy dealer”
QuickBaseÆ for Corporate Workgroups offers business teams a better way to work together. With easy, Web-accessible business solutions, teams can manage partner relationships, projects and information more effectively. QuickBase for Corporate Workgroups helps to eliminate the headaches that plague business teams: missed deadlines due to poor communication, inability to share current information and the administrative hassles of consolidating data from multiple sources, like spreadsheets. Everything teams need is in one central place, and they avoid the spreadsheet shuffle. Starting at $249/month, QuickBase offers an affordable solution with ready-to-use sales, project and IT management applications, and customizable solutions that allow teams to be up and running within minutes.