Is Intuit missing an opportunity?

Earlier this week I was talking with Bijal Mehta, Founder and CEO of Icode who explained that many of Icode’s customers are users who have outgrown Quickbooks and are moving to a more robust platform.
Quickbooks Premier is made for up to 10 users and is very robust. However, it’s not optimized for true client/server networking, instead opting for a file sharing method of networking and may be lacking some of the higher end features that its growing customers need.
Intuit has sold millions of its business products and effectively caters to the smaller end of the small-medium sized business market. However, should Intuit consider offering a more robust offering to compete with Mas 90, Icode, ACCPAC and other solutions?
Intuit create Quickbooks Enterprise after hearing the growing pains of its customers. Maybe it’s hearing the growing pains of its Enterprise customers too. Intuit can stay where its at, and continue to feed its competition or create another product to meet the needs of its customers.
I’ll have more on this later, but think about it and let me know what you think?