Pocket PC so much more complicated than Palm

I’m a nerd. A geek. A techie, if you will. Last night I had my first chance to really work with (configure) a (Toshiba) Pocket PC for my Pastor’s Toshiba notebook computer, running Windows XP.
I’ve used a Palm for years and before that an “electronic organizer” as in CASIO Boss and Sharp Wizard.
So do I want a Pocket PC, now that I’ve seen all its enhanced features, multi-media, sound, power and etc. NO.
Sure, it makes me want to buy a more up-to-date Palm. My Handspring Visor Prism is a bit old, slow and heavy compared to newer models.
But the simplicity of the Palm platform to help me do the basic tasks I need – contacts, address book, to do list, some memos, typing articles (with my Targus Keyboard) and a few games is just fine.
FOR OTHERS WHO NEED MORE POWER, maybe the Palm is for them if they want to watch movies (why not use the DVD player on a notebook). Or for some vertical markets the power of Pocket PC and integration with Windows is a must.
But for most of us…Palm is just fine thank you.