Selling Gadgets in a Wal-Mart World

My spin: FYI and quite interesting.
NY Times News Clip: COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. ó It is probably just a coincidence, but when Circuit City decided to modernize its store here, it moved a quarter-mile away and built a store just across the street from a Wal-Mart.
What is far from a coincidence, however, is how much the inside of the new store resembles a Wal-Mart.
In this model store, as Circuit City calls it, customers grab merchandise from metal shelves and toss it into shopping carts. The staff on the floor are now hourly workers rather than higher-paid commissioned sales clerks. The front of the store is filled with forklift pallets piled with $45 DVD players and $99 televisions, much as they are in that big store across the street (full story)