Stolen Laptop Recovered: Company Business and Client Information Protected by CyberAngel

My spin: Hey when lady’s purses get stolen they panic…when guys AND gals laptops get stolen it might be more than panic.
News Clip: BOSTON, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ — CyberAngel Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS, Inc. ) continues to recover stolen computers and protect critical data for companies across America. Recently, a businessman in Troy, New Hampshire, had his car broken into in the driveway of his home, and his laptop computer stolen. The next day, the stolen computer sent a covert alert to The CyberAngel Security Monitoring Center, providing the location details from where that stolen computer was being used. The location of that stolen computer was across the state line in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and CSS, Inc. alerted local law enforcement authorities in both towns and provided them with the location information to be able to secure a search warrant for the premises. Within days the computer was recovered and back in the owner’s hands, and the guilty parties were behind bars.