Vonage(R) Adds 40,000th Broadband Telephone Line

My spin: I’m not sure how fast Vonage and grow. And PERSONALLY I feel that they are growing way too fast. This appears to be a bubble waiting to be burst. What do you think? Then again Vonage’s investors might be lining it up to be an attractive target for a larger company to buy.
News Clip: Vonage Continues to Lead the Broadband Telephony Industry As Total Active Lines on Network Doubles in 90 Days
EDISON, N.J., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Vonage, the broadband phone company, today announces the activation of 40,000 total lines on its network.
With the addition of more than 1,500 lines to its network every week, Vonage’s active line base has doubled in just 90 days, further defining it as the leader in the broadband Internet telephony industry. Vonage’s call volume has also doubled in 90 days to over 40 million completed calls across its SIP network. This represents about two-thirds of all broadband telephone lines and calling activity nationwide, according to a June 2003 Merrill Lynch report. Consumers and small businesses are increasingly looking to Vonage as their broadband alternative to traditional telephone service.