What’s Icode up to?

I hope to cover more of Icode in the future but for now a few points.
A few hours ago I met and talked with Bijal Mehta, President & Founder and Steven Toole, VP of Marketing.
Salesforce.com’s Founder and CEO Marc Benioff, goes around with his NO Software button, but Bijal thinks he’s quite wrong.
Sure, there’s plenty of space for the ASP model, but to THROW out software and have everyone do a pure ASP rent software solution…it’s not going to happen and is not always the best option for businesses. (that’s my take)
Icode’s partner program is doing very well and is now at 10% of Icode’s sales. Not bad at all.
Everest, Icode’s robust and feature rich mini-ERP (ebusiness) software had a huge price drop and now starts selling at $1500 per user. (See – competition is great. Consumers win!)
There’s a lot going on at Icode…stay tuned here for more.
PS – check out the guide I wrote: “Counting on Growth: Integrated ‘mini-ERP’ small business management software solutions for growing businesses.”