Worm masquerades as note from IT staff

My spin: I usually don’t put things like this on my news page (about viruses and etc) as I leave major virus threats to the “main stream” media if you will. HOWEVER, viruses like this, I know can easily get past the casual online user. Oh, yet another message from the IT guys – let me click on the file and move on. NO. NO. NO. Be vary careful and paranoid about opening (executing) attachments.
Cnet News Clip: A new mass-mailing virus, which disguises itself as a file sent by a computer user’s network administrator, began infecting systems Friday.
The worm, which is being dubbed “mimail,” attempts to exploit a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that allows a script to be executed by an infected computer. The worm then tries to use that script to mass e-mail itself, potentially clogging mail servers or slowing down networks, according to antivirus company Symantec.
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