Competitive Evaluation of Spam-Blocking Solutions: The C/R Capabilities of DigiPortal Software’s ChoiceMail, EarthLink spamBlocker, Mailblocks Inc.’s

This Tolly Group white paper provides a hands-on independent evaluation of the effectiveness of several anti-spam solutions based on Challenge/ Response technology.
The report, “Competitive Evaluation of Spam-blocking E-mail Solutions,” which was commissioned by Mailblocks, Inc., examined five popular offerings that are currently available to consumers: DigiPortal Software’s ChoiceMail; Internet service provider Earthlink’s spamBlocker; Mailblocks’ Challenge/Response 2.0; Qurb, Inc.’s Qurb and SpamArrest from the company of the same name.
Although similarities exist between the various offerings tested, The Tolly Group found that buyers have a range of features and functionality from which to choose when selecting a Challenge/Response product/service that will effectively protect the integrity of their incoming E-mail.
Key features identified in the white paper include: disposable aliases, safe sender status, consolidated E-mail, whitelists and blocklists and customized challenge messages. To learn more about the reports findings, download this free white paper. (full story)

My spin:Please, someone stop me from laughing. Does it not make sense that a challenge response system would 100% block email. Sometimes, I really miss why companies do the studies they do.