Computer Theft on the Rise!

My spin: I’m not sure if this is PR bumf or for real. But either way, CyberAngel has a useful solution.
ATLANTA, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ — CyberAngel Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS, Inc. ) continues to recover stolen computers while protecting critical data for individuals and companies across America at a record pace. “August 2003 has been one the heaviest recovery months yet for the company,” says Bradley Lide, company President.
With the recent sharp increase in computer theft, information protection has become increasingly as important as recovery for the IT asset. With other recent recoveries including Miami, Portland, Boston, Baltimore, Houston, and Chicago, and an overall recovery ratio near 90%, The CyberAngel is helping fight these trends. The CyberAngel is a proven security solution, providing Tracking and Recovery for lost or stolen computers, Data & Information Protection, Application Protection, User Authentication, and Asset Management, and is compatible with all current Windows(R) operating systems