Forward Solutions’ Migo – absolutely a must have!

For those of you who followed my PC EXPO coverage you had a tip off already about Forward Solutions. Well here’s the full story.
Forward Solutions is launching a product, Migo. It is a revolutionary software / USB hard disk combination that enables a user to carry their data with them. Now, many of you are familiar with moving data to a “regular” USB key storage device, or for that matter putting that information on a floppy disk. But there’s a few problems with these methods:
a – you’ve got to manage files version
b – if you use Outlook, it’s impossible to easily work with your email (including your outbox)
c – you can’t conveniently move your personal settings, favorites, and other documents – all retaining their respective folder locations
Migo, has the perfect solution.
Let’s pretend you are working in Outlook, have some files in “My documents” or anywhere else, and maybe some excel files in a folder c:\client. Basically your entire working environment.
With Migo you can go to ANY windows computer, insert the USB key, login and voila you are looking at YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN AND FILES but on another computer.
– Go ahead, click on “My documents” on the remote computer you are at – you’ll see all your files there.
– Send 50 Outlook messages on the “borrowed computer” (when you get back to your office, those 50 messages are in the send folder)
– Go to Internet explorer and click on “favorites”. Guess what – Migo will show YOUR favorites and not the local computer favorites.
Do you get it?
Maybe you work on network files. No problem, Migo can handle those too.
So you’ve worked all day on a remote computer, and you get back to your “home” or “office pc”. Guess what? All that work you did is now seamlessly stored on your main computer!
Migo is absolutely revolutionary and a must have tool for EVERY business user that does ANY work out of their office.
Cost: $149 for the 128MB version and $199 for the $256MB version.