New Free E-Book Warns Of E-Commerce Scams

My spin: I have not read the book, nor been to the web site at all. For all I know this, in itself, could be one scam. HOWEVER, I report & you decide (as Fox would say).

With the explosive growth of online auctions such as eBay and easy-to-use web commerce sites such as Yahoo Stores!, home-based entrepreneurs are joining the e-commerce revolution at an incredible rate. At the same time, many of them are falling prey to the abundant “home business” scams available on the Internet.
Based on decades of personal experience with computer systems and Internet e-commerce, Chris Malta, CEO and founder of Worldwide Brands, Inc., has developed a free e-book titled “Starting Your Internet Business RIGHT!”
This 80-page e-book ( ), currently downloaded 500+ times daily, covers a wide range of topics, including selling on the Internet, comparisons of website businesses versus online auctions, how to choose a host for your website, how to compete with superstores and much more. In addition, the e-book provides a step-by-step checklist for safely starting a home-based business while avoiding the costly traps that so many people waste their time and money on.
“While starting a home-based Internet business can be fairly easy, the entrepreneur needs a variety of services to make it happen,” says Malta. “It’s easy to get trapped by overpriced merchant accounts, bogus marketing coaches or fake product suppliers, to name a few. Unfortunately, scam artists have infiltrated every aspect of the industry. After having been scammed personally and learning from my mistakes, I hope to pass along key information that will help others avoid the obstacles I encountered. About 4 out of 5 new e-business hopefuls I talked to have been scammed in some form or fashion.”