Nextel and @Road(r) Help Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Improve Routing, Dispatching and Job Scheduling with New Mobile Resource Management Solution

My spin: Nexte’ls going to be in a huge fight when other telco vendors get their “instant connect” features up. Offering new, value added services will be the key.
Nextel Communications, Inc. and @Road (NASDAQ: ARDI), a provider of mobile resource management (MRM) services, today announced the addition of @Road PathwaySM to their suite of mobility service applications for workers in the field.
@Road Pathway enables telecommunications, field service, construction, facilities/waste management, freight and passenger transportation, courier/delivery, distribution, security, cable/broadband and utilities companies that want a cost-effective MRM solution, to verify routes, stops and work schedules. The solution is now available on Nextel’s i58sr and i88s phones by Motorola with onboard assisted global positioning system (AGPS) capabilities.
The @Road Pathway solution incorporates a number of features that are designed to help minimize the manual tasks of managing mobile workers, including:
* Customer-configurable maps and pre- and user-defined landmarks that are designed to provide location and proximity information about mobile workers from any Internet-connected PC
* Recent location information of mobile resources from any Internet-connected PC
* Mileage, time in transit, and start/stop reports
* Stored location information for mobile workers outside a coverage area or on a phone call
* Application hosting by @Road, minimizing customer information technology investments