Palm and Pocket PC – there’s no more war.

The war between Pocket PC and Palm operating systems is over.
I’m not referring to the battle for mind share or marketshare, but more so the war of features and functionality.
A hi end Pokcet PC is just about the same as a hi end Palm based one. Often times, the Pocket PC comes with a bit more memory and a faster processor but overall feature for feature they are pretty much the same.
Many moons ago, the PPC platform boasted more multi-media rich features but recently Palm based operating systems have closed that gap and they can also perform multi-media operations. However, there are enough differences so that you’ve still got to think, quite a bit before purchasing.
I’ve used a Palm based PDA (Handspring) for many years. I’ve also had occassion to tryout PPC. I have chosen to stick with the Palm based PDA for its overall simplicity and ease of you. On the Palm one does not have to navigate through a dizzying array of menus – everything is only a few easy taps away. On the Palm its so easy to set up and synch.
Pocket PC, a slimmemd down version of Windows, takes on the same type of semi-complex interface of Windows. In addition, you’ve got to use Microsoft Outlook (on your desktop) to take advantage of the full synching capabilities of the PPC.
For some, PPC is a must. They have various applications that must run on a windows platform, for example. But for the rest ofus, a Palm is just fine.