Palm Launches Wireless Keyboard, Multifunction Stylus and Six Cases

Other Accessories: SDIO Camera, New Stylus Pen Packs, Handheld Protection Products, Essentials Kits
Palm, Inc. (NASDAQ:PALM) today announced a dazzling array of fall accessories perfect for gift-giving. Available on Oct. 1 (unless otherwise noted) in consumer-electronics outlets, major retail chains and online e-stores in most countries worldwide, the new line of accessories includes an innovative wireless infrared (IR) keyboard; a multifunction stylus; six stylish handheld cases; a plug-and-play, 1.3 megapixel camera card; handheld protection products; and complete accessory kits.
“Demand for Palm(TM) branded accessories has never been higher. Our strategy is to introduce a breadth of accessories that fit multiple Palm handhelds,” said Jim Schwabe, general manager of accessories for the Palm Solutions Group. “With over 22 million Palm branded handhelds sold to date, people are ready to customize them with accessories that closely match their lifestyles, from the first-time Zire(TM) handheld owner to the high-end Tungsten(TM) aficionado.”
First Palm Branded Wireless Keyboard Eases Text Entry
With this foldable, practical keyboard, Palm handheld users can type effortlessly, connected to a Palm branded handheld wirelessly via IR. This battery-operated keyboard, featuring standard, full-sized keys, works with all current Palm handhelds. ($69.95) (NOTE: All Palm accessories prices are estimated U.S. street prices.)