PC EXPO: Digital Focus

I went to the media only digital Focus event today, a pre-PC EXPO event where about 40 vendors gathered to show the press their products away from the crowd. Light attendance, but Walt Mossberg, WSJ was there, CBS News, NY 1 (these guys are always at the main expos!) and others – including me.
Some things of note:
Toshiba, was there showing off a HUGE, 8 -9 lb diaper busting baby. This PC is NOT for the sales person but for the gamer, video/multi-media editor or person who wants the power of a desktop PC but in a small form factor.
Sony Ericsson were on hand to show off their really, really cool looking and useful phones. It’s a good marriage. Sony style and “wow factor” with Ericsson’s solid phones.
Palm had a table flew of…Palms and attachments. SD camera and etc. I picked up a 4 in 1 pen.
Data Viz was showing off there line of Documents to Go software – really useful stuff to make Palm OS PDA’s more powerful.
Networking provider Buffalo Technology was there (right next to Microsoft Broadband networking) explaining their extensive line of network, wireless and wired, technologies.
There were other interesting companies, but I might get to them later on!