PC Guardian Simplifies Sharing Encrypted Email

Question: What’s the trouble with email encryption?
Answer: There are more than 40 email encryption programs on the market; however, no single program is used by everyone. As a result, most messages encrypted with one technology cannot be decrypted with another.
Encryption software developer PC Guardian Technologies, Inc. (PC Guardian), removes that barrier for users of Encryption Plus Email 3.0, PC Guardian’s email encryption solution for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Mail.
EP Email uses public-private key technology to automatically encrypt and decrypt messages sent between users of the software. In addition, EP Email allows users to send encrypted messages to individuals who do not have EP Email installed.
PC Guardian’s decryptor simplifies decryption of EP Email messages for non-EP Email users. Recipients simply run the program, enter the password, and gain access to the email text message and any attachments.
The decryptor is free to download from: http://www.pcguardiantechnologies.com/Encryption_Plus_Email/decryptor.html