Postini Awarded Network World Blue Ribbon for Top Score in Anti-Spam Test

My spin: I know that BrightMail works VERY well. Something that works better than BrightMail (assuming BrightMail was in the rating at all) has got to be good!
News Clip: Postini(TM) Inc., ( the industry’s leading provider of email security and management for the enterprise, today announced it was honored with Network World’s Blue Ribbon for achieving the highest score in the magazine’s “Spam in the Wild” anti-spam product review, authored by Joel Snyder and published on September 15, 2003. The product review measured and compared anti-spam software products, managed services, and appliances from 16 different companies on a live production network over a 30 day period to test how well they served their purpose by keeping junk email away from the enterprise and legitimate email flowing. The full review can be found at