So what happened at the Treo 600 event yesterday.

Well….as I was led to believe, neither Jeff nor Donna were there today. They will be at the California event. What a let down. HOWEVER, the event went well and I am impressed with the Treo 600, as other commentators have said. But like all of these “smart phone” devices, you’ve really got to decide if you want a PHONE that has data access (web, email, SMS, MMMS, etc). Or if you really need a compact data device that can handle telephony.
In the case of the Treo 600, Handspring set out to make first and foremost a great phone – and they have done that. 110% intuitive, easy to use – PLEASANT to use in fact. One guy I talked to after the event had a Nokia (that opens to reveal a keyboard) that he’ll ditch in favor of the Treo 600.
As far as data access – you do not want to type a long letter on this gadget. They keyboard is small. BUT more htan functional enough to easily reply to some email, do SMS or MMMS and etc.
I stress, Handspring has done amazing things to make this small package do big things very EASILY.
In making the case for Palm, David Limp, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Business Development at Palm Source (the company providing the Palm OS to licencese like Handspring) said that, last week Palm Source sold its 30 million Palm based device. Aslo, there’s 275,000 developers (remember, software brings LIFE to computers), with 30% of them being new. There’s 19,000 palm apps. Many of these apps are in vertical industries.

David Limp (above)
Ed Colligan, Founder, President and COO said that the future of information will be a smartphone like device. In fact, he sees this as the future of the PC. People will turn to a PDA first for their critical information.

Ed Colligan (above)
One main reason Palm wanted Handspring was for its srong relationships with carriers. And the carriers will be used as as a powerful driving force for smartphone development and commercial and consumer use.
The 5 way navigation bar on the Treo 600 is elegant, fast and easy to use.
The multi-media features of the Treo 600 are fun. MP3 player and a video player (not sure which format though)
Spring (and possibly others) have enabled over the air application download – you don’t have to only rely on synching to download applications.
Since the Treo 600 is a proxy-less browser you won’t find as many problems with e-commerce and accessing web sites in general as you might with other proxy based browers.
I’m mainly a data guy and don’t need the phone too much. So I’ve got a Palm M515 with a foldable keyboard, soon to get thumb keyboard from Seiko and some other add-ons.
But for the mobile professional, who wants one device. Mainly for talking on the phone but with easy access to data the Treo 600 is the best there is. (Did I tell you that it’s a quad bad, CDMA phone, so you can use it around the world!).
I’m not sure how that jives with it NOT being GSM though? (could someone explain).
The Treo 600…perfect tool for small busineses (and big ones too)