Web Conferencing…

The Web Conferencing Book: Understanding the Technology, Choose the Right Vendors, Software, and Equipment, Start Saving Time and Money Today
Authors: Sue Spielman, Liz Winfeld
If you are interested in exploring ways to get more intimate with customers or prospects, while saving money on travel costs, Web conferencing can be a solution for you.
I’ve participated in several web conferences and while all of them are not perfect solutions. It’s an ideal blend between, meeting in person (at least you can talk in real time) and SEEING the center of the discussion (a document, software, whatever you can digitize on a computer).
Sue and Liz put a light hearted and at times humorous spin on a serious topic and write in a very non-technical but informative way.
I would have liked them to put a bit more meat into the technical aspects of web conferencing but overall the book is good.
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