Widespread demand for iCode’s all-in-one ‘mini-ERP’ software enables record revenues, record growth.
CHANTILLY, VA – October 27, 2003 – iCode, Inc., developer of the first integrated “all-in-one” enterprise resource planning solution for small businesses (“mini-ERP” solution) today announced it has completed a record quarter in the company’s nine-year history for its Everest software for the three-month period ended August 31, 2003.
iCode’s third quarter 2003 highlights include:
* Record total company revenues
* Record license bookings with 21% growth for the quarter, compared to third quarter 2002
* Record number of orders for iCode’s innovative Everest(r) all-in-one “mini-ERP” software
* Launched version 2.0 of Everest Advanced Edition
* Introduced its simplified “all-in-one” pricing model with which includes capabilities such as e-commerce, US payroll, and point-of-sale, which were previously sold separately as options
“This is only the beginning,” said Bijal Mehta, iCode’s co-founder and CEO. “While enterprise software vendors struggle to address the unique needs of small businesses, iCode delivers the right combination of price, features, ease-of-use, and time to benefit. With these unique factors, iCode will continue transforming small business as we know it.”

My spin: I asked iCode’s Steven Tool (VP of Marketing) about what has caused iCode’s growth. Here’s our dialogue:
1. What about hosted applications – where do they fit in?
[Steve] Everest is so quick and easy to implement and use, there’s no need to offer it as a hosted app. We even offer an optional turnkey bundle on the Toshiba SG-30 wireless server so small businesses can get the whole thing — server, app, database, and wireless network — on a single briefcase-sized box.
2. Is this growth attributed to your resellers?
[Steven] We’re seeing growth among our resellers and our network of independent “ICE” representatives (iCode Certified Everest) spread out coast-to-coast. Much of our Q3 growth is also attributed to the release of Everest Advanced Edition 2.0 and our new “all-in-one” pricing, which means it’s simple and easy to buy since small business owners get everything for one low price. No modules, no complicated pricing matrices. Just pick Standard or Advanced Edition of Everest and that’s that.