Intel Expands Global Small Business Programs

Expanding its outreach to small- and medium-sized businesses, Intel Corporation announced a program to help customers evaluate and deploy PCs based on the latest hardware and software technology innovations. This program
follows a similar campaign announced earlier in the year regarding the benefits of Intel-based servers.
Several factors play a role in the decision for smaller businesses to upgrade PCs, including additional costs of maintaining aging PCs; lower productivity from older applications and outdated, unsupported software and operating systems; and the growing number of security issues. Through the global “Accelerate Your Business” program, Intel
will give its distributors, dealers, system builders and solution providers technical and marketing assistance to help them educate smaller businesses on when and why PCs should be replaced and how new wired and wireless PCs can grow business and enhance return on investment.
“Many small businesses lack formal IT departments and at times delay PC replacements, believing it will save the company money,” said Willy Agatstein, general manager of Intel’s Reseller Products Group. “In the long run, this strategy actually has a large impact on the bottom line in terms of increased computer support costs and reduced
company competitiveness.”