Internet News: Spam: Always Annoying, Often Offensive

Many Internet users are doing without their indispensable e-mail as their inboxes become increasingly overrun with unwanted ó and often offensive ó messages. A comprehensive study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that a full 60 percent of survey respondents have reduced their e-mail usage because of spam, and 73 percent avoid giving out their e-mail addresses.
The June 2003 survey of nearly 1,400 Internet users reveals the growing frustration now associated with the communication app, particularly on personal e-mail accounts. The Pew report found that while e-mail users receive slightly more messages in their work accounts, the proportion of spam in personal accounts is higher and more time is spent dealing with the unwanted messages in personal accounts. (full story)

My spin: I wsa tempted to coment on this article…but it speaks for itself. I get so much spam…it drives me crazy sometimes.