Leading Wireless Technology Brands Form ‘The Wireless Technology Forum’

Leading Wireless Technology brands today announced the formation of the ‘Wireless Technology Forum,’ a non-profit organization designed to increase industry communication, education and promotion around the fast-paced changes taking place in the wireless marketplace. Founding members and the Board of Directors are from Cisco, Intel, Motorola, Nokia, Proxim, and Sellera. The association is announced today in honor of the Georgia Technology Celebration ( www.techcelebration.org ) held in the Cobb Galleria Center.
The WTF’s goal is to bring together the current and future manufacturers, third party developers, resellers and integrators, and end-users of wireless technology.
“The WTF was formed to create a forum for Wireless technology professionals to share information on the deployment, marketing, management, and creation of wireless local area networks, business plans, devices, and content,” said Maury Margol, WTF President.
The first meeting will be held on November 13th. The inaugural meeting will feature a “Wireless State of the Union” presentation by Joe Lazlo, Jupiter Group and Sarah Kim, Yankee Group, as well as the “Future of Wireless” panel moderated by Scott Schamp of the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia. The first meeting will be sponsored by Motorola.