Microsoft: How Technology Can Sharpen a Small Business’s Competitive Edge

Microsoft realizes that each of the 7.5 million small businesses within the United States is unique, with its own concerns and business problems. These businesses face many issues, including how to manage their time, generate revenue, protect their company data and better manage customer relationships.
Small-business customers have told Microsoft that they need software and tools designed specifically for their needs. Their feedback resulted in two products that will launch this year — Microsoft Windows Small Business Server and Microsoft Office Small Business 2003 Edition — just two examples of the company’s commitment to providing small businesses with tools they need to focus on their business, and not the technology they use to run them. Customers are increasingly realizing the power of technology in helping them run a successful company, but there’s still a lot of room for small businesses to use technology tools to help them prosper.
PressPass spoke with Nigel Burton, general manager of the U.S. Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners group, about how Microsoft is supporting this unique market. (full story)