New ACCPAC Business Advisor Expands Consulting Opportunities for Accountants In Public Practice

ACCPAC International, Inc., a subsidiary of Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE:CA) , announced today the release of ACCPAC Business Advisor(TM), a new business analysis software application that enables accountants in public practice to quickly develop a standard business analysis methodology and create presentation-quality analysis reports and business improvement proposals for their clients. ACCPAC Business Advisor is a new component of the award-winning ACCPAC Business Analysis Suite(TM). This series of business diagnosis tools enables accounting firms to draw upon their clients’ routine financial statement data as a starting point for developing a range of specialized, profitable consulting services.
ACCPAC Business Advisor utilizes the following four key functions to step through the business analysis process and create client-ready reports:
* Business Health Check — produces a one-page report card identifying the status of the financial health of the client company. It shows a client the results of changes in their company’s key financial metrics for the past two years and quickly highlights areas in the business that need improvement as well as those that are performing well.
* Business Performance Test — compares the client’s financial information to industry benchmarks entered by the accountant and clearly identifies positive, negative and neutral performance through a “traffic light” indicator. In areas that under perform against the benchmark, the accountant can recommend actions for use by the client in the coming year.
* Sensitivity Report — a matrix that shows the relationship between key business results and the drivers of the business. For example, in one business, it may show that profitability is most sensitive to changes in material cost of goods sold, while in a different business it may show that profitability is more sensitive to changes in overhead costs.
With this information in hand, accountants can recommend process improvements to both protect and grow the business.
* Financial Diagnostic Report — a 19-page template driven document that provides a ‘client-ready’ summary of the financial health of the business. The report includes profitability, working capital, non-current assets, cash flow and funding for the company, among other issues, and is modifiable so accountants can augment it with additional personalized advice.