New Mobile Projectors Enable Presentations with the Lights On: Tips to Speakers on How to Connect With Their Audience

Have you ever been to a business presentation where the speaker goes to the podium, the lights are turned off and the presentation begins?
With a dark room, some in the audience might use the opportunity to take a snooze and catch up on that jet lag. Others could sneak out the back door and finish off the buffet table.
With advances in projector technology, Casio has changed all that. Now, with two new high-luminosity mobile projectors, presentations can be delivered with the room lights on under normal lighting conditions.
“This means the speaker can see and interact with the audience,” said John Clough, president of Casio, Inc., the Dover, NJ-based consumer electronics manufacturer. “No more looking out into a dark room where gauging the reaction of your audience is almost impossible,” he said.
Casio introduced two new high-luminosity mobile projectors. These projectors are designed and engineered to add a new dimension of portability to the data projector market. (The XJ-350, at $2,699*, will be available this December and the XJ-450, at $3,499*, will debut in February 2004).
“Not only are they the brightest, they are also among the lightest data projectors,” Clough said. The XJ-350 weighs less than four pounds, while the XJ-450 weighs slightly more than five pounds. Both projectors employ an original new condenser lens and light source lamp that deliver high-brightness images that can be clearly viewed under normal lighting conditions, in a compact, highly portable configuration.