Nielsen Norman Group Awards the 10 Best-Designed Intranets

In its third annual contest to identify and spotlight the year’s 10 best intranet designs, Nielsen Norman Group reviewed close to 100 intranets to find the best of the best. The winning intranets all illustrate and prove a significant shift from the view of intranets as mainly document repositories to that of being truly useful work-support tools designed to meet the needs of users. The result of the shift is increased intranet usage. This year’s outstanding intranet redesigns achieved an increase in use anywhere from 47% to 1,500%. The stories behind these successful intranets, along with expert analysis and commentary from Nielsen Norman Group’s Jakob Nielsen, Kara Pernice Coyne and Candice Goodwin fill 175 pages in a report entitled “Intranet Design Annual 2003: The 10 Best Intranets of the Year.”
The 10 Best Intranets of the Year” is available to download for $98 from the Nielsen Norman Group website at